Road 96's procedurally generated adventure will be released soon

Road 96’s procedurally generated adventure will be released soon

DixiArt Studio has announced the release date of its future creation. Road 96, in which you have to escape from a totalitarian state, starts on August 16.

Road 96 is a procedurally generated survival game. The story tells of a teenage girl separated from her parents. She intends to leave her native Petria, which is reminiscent of the southwestern United States. The state is on the verge of collapse, and young people have no choice but to leave.

The girl will master the way to the border with the help of the hitchhiking. Each time she will meet unusual characters with their own stories and secrets. The decisions made by the protagonist will have an impact not only on her, but also on the fate of other people. And maybe the whole country!

Yoan Fanise, one of the founders of DixiArt, admits that Road 96 is the studio’s most ambitious project. “The events of the game, unfortunately, will find a response in many modern states on different continents. Perhaps, having played Road 96, you will realize that you are lucky with a place to live. Or vice versa, it will push you to take action – to run away or to do something to change the situation, ”says Fanis.

Recall that the game designer previously worked at Ubisoft and had a hand in Valiant Hearts. He later left the company to set out on his own voyage. In 2015, he and his
wife founded his own studio, which later released the music runner Lost in Harmony and the touching game about the First World War 11-11 Memories Retold.

Road 96 is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. Together with the game, they sell a soundtrack and an e-book that will tell about the events 10 years before the start of the Road 96 storyline. A demo version can be downloaded for free now. The game was announced last year at The Game Awards 2020.

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