New Rise of Azshara update for World of Warcraft comes on June 25

New Rise of Azshara update for World of Warcraft comes on June 25 with two new zones and Queen Azshara herself

rise of azshara release

World of Warcraft‘s 8.2 update, named Rise of Azshara, hits on June 25, Blizzard announced it yesterday along with a new trailer. This is a massive one for World of Warcraft franchise, which contains two new zones, a new raid, a massive dungeon, an overhaul of the Azerite system, and more.

Brand-New Zones, Queen Azshara, etc.

You will meet Queen Azshara, one of the largest remaining villains of World of Warcraft. We’ve seen glimpses of her in the past, and the Naga have been a threat since World of Warcraft’s launch. We’re attacking her kingdom and Queen Azshara herself, and discovering the details of her alliance with the Old God N’Zoth.

The two new zones are the water-logged Nazjatar, and the scrap-filled Mechagon that  is a massive gnome-themed zone, with tons of random challenges and sandbox elements for players to explore and conquer. It also introduces a new raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace, and a new progression system that opens things up and provides players with more interesting decisions to make. It will be interesting to see how the playbase takes to this new customization system. Especially given how ferocious the Azerite were in the beginning.

It’s a lot of exciting stuff, and even if patch 8.2 won’t fix everything that players don’t want to see in the Battle for Azeroth, it’s always exciting to get some new events and locations to try out.

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