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Riders Republic: Beta for the Extreme Sports Game starts soon

A beta phase for the new open-world sports game Riders Republic will start on August 23. Should you get hold of one of the coveted keys, you can send a beta invitation to two of your friends so that you don’t have to go to the mountains, valleys and other places unsafe alone.

Division 2‘s publisher Ubisoft‘s open-world extreme sports game Riders Republic is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2021. As we know it from many games by now, Riders Republic will be available in three different versions. With the Gold Edition, for example, players receive the Year 1 Pass and some in-game rewards, which should ensure a faster entry. In any case, pre-orderers will receive a rabbit costume and a rainbow bunny color for the snowboard.

With so many choices, you might first want to know if you would like the game at all. So a beta phase comes in handy, which should start on August 23 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store. The beta will be available until August 25th and pre-load should be available from August 21st. You can also send a beta invite to two of your friends.

During the beta, players can enjoy bike races, acrobatics on snowboards and skis, and air sports using wingsuits and rocket wingsuits. Four different modes will also be available. In the mass start races, players can compete with more than 50 other players (more than 20 other players on the current generation of consoles). New races should appear randomly on the map every hour. Two teams of six players compete in trick battles. Whoever performs the most tricks in the designated places wins. In addition, there should be a versus mode and free-for-all.

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