Reissue of the Mass Effect trilogy

Rumors about the possible release of an HD reissue of the classic trilogy about the adventures of the brave crew of Normandy led by commander Shepard have long been circulating on the network, and finally some details began to appear through the veil of mystery.
A remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy is just around the corner, judging by how it was discussed on the GamesBeat podcast.
After the statement of Jeff Grubb, editor of Venture Beat that an unnamed remaster of the project hides exactly the trilogy about commander Sheppard, a curious photo was leaked to the network, where you can see the potential release date of the game on September 29 this year. The reliability of this information should still be evaluated critically before the official announcement from EA. But after the disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda, the opportunity to meet old heroes and once again experience an unforgettable adventure is clearly to the taste of players.
Also, there is a quote from the podcast for this, which indicates that the remaster may actually be in October.
“Until, for example, this past week, I know for sure that the plan was to announce it in early October, release it later in October. So good news. Maybe the bad news is 2020 – maybe it could start to slip, it looks like it’s possible, but nothing definite yet.
I know it’s real. I’ve seen more than enough evidence to know this is real, but it’s still 2020 and they haven’t announced it yet.”
Also, there is something else interesting here.
“I think [EA] planned to make this Mass Effect trilogy another big thing [other than Star wars squadrons] for $ 60 this holiday, so I’m still pretty sure it will come out. But when everything else fell apart, as in all directions, I could see that they also wanted to just linger. But it’s not exactly accurate – it’s not a guarantee yet-like, it’s not even decided yet. It just seems like that possibility is on the table, but the last I heard, October is October for both.”
In General, no mention of what consoles will be released was not, so we will just wait.


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