Reign of Darkness will be free.

Almost exactly a year ago (November 20, 2019), the MMORPG Reign of Darkness was released for early access on Steam. And despite positive reviews from players (84%) and good ratings, the game still failed to gain popularity. And as you know, if there are no active players, then there is no money for the development of the project. In this regard, developers from Unorthodox Studio announced temporary free access to the game and launched a campaign to raise funds on the “Kickstarter”.

MMORPG Reign of Darkness for 3 days temporarily free

So now the main goal of the authors is to raise $ 100,000. This amount is necessary to support the production process. And also provide a bright future for this unusual MMORPG.

By itself, the multiplayer game Reign of Darkness attracts primarily setting. First, the events take place in the middle ages. So on the street 1348, when it was the middle of the ” Black death “. Secondly, the atmosphere is closely mixed between fantasy and horror. Thanks to this, the project strongly attracts those players. Especially those who are tired of colorful and cute MMORPG games.

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