Red Dead Online: Plunder Showdown Mode's review

Red Dead Online: Plunder Showdown Mode’s review and bonus access to various attire

Red Dead Online: Plunder Showdown Mode

The new weekly Red Dead Online update went live, and  features a new Showdown Mode titled Plunder.

That time of the week has come Red Dead Online fans, and the latest update makes you work beside others to stockpile from a central area.

This new Showdown Mode was named Plunder, and is about bringing supplements back to home base.

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Plus to take loot from the central area, you and your friends can also rob it from an opponent’s base. Warning: you’re visible to other players, when you hold your trophy.

Rockstar advise keeping your health, stamina and Dead Eye cores at the max. And don’t forget about tonics to lift your tank to gold before robbing other stocks.  Team-based Dead Eye Ability cards will be useful for the task as well.

More new items

New cloths are also added in this update: the Owanjila Hat, Concho Pants and Porter Jacket.

Bonus part this week is an access to all holsters, boots, coats, and gloves up to Rank 40, it will be available to use until April 15.

Players with higher ranks will see the Turkoman, Missouri Fox Trotter and Arabian Horses are being lowered to Rank 40.

Volatile Dynamite, Explosive Slug, Express Explosive, Incendiary Buckshot, and Dynamite Arrow pamphlets are all lowered to Rank 60.

The reminder: a new Hostility System, offensive and defensive playstyle options, new missions, dynamic events, and more will go live this spring.

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