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Red Dead Online offers numerous discounts.

So, some news about Red Dead Online. Actually, Red Dead Online is all about wildlife this week with a kind of care package. You can also count on various bonuses and discounts.

There is now a ready-made wildlife care package for all players, containing 3 Powerful Herbivore baits, 3 Powerful Predator baits, and 3 Special Lake baits. Take advantage of double RDO$ and XP on all Animal Samples sold by Naturalists, plus 100 Varmint sedative rifle cartridges and 5 Animal Animators to sample any Legendary animal. Also, players can get double RDO$ and XP on all free Roaming fishing trips, as well as 50% extra money on all fish sales to butchers. There is a 40% discount offer on the Advanced Camera to complete the wildlife photographer round, and a half discount offer on any outfit below rank 15 to create any item in Gus ‘ shop.

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And of course, there are a lot of discounts this week. The bounties include 5 gold bars off the value of the Naturalist’s Sample Set, 40% off the Fishing Rod, all Fishing Lures, and all hats, plus 30% off all Harriet’s Tonics, Beginner and Advanced Naturalist items, all items in Gus ‘ shop, and the Elephant Rifle.Some of Prime Gaming’s current benefits include rewards for a free bounty hunter license, an Amethyst Bounty Wagon trim livery award for all players who connect their social club accounts. Finally, this week’s Prime Gaming discounts include a 40% off offer on any saddle, as well as 30% off a selection of many cool horses and horse care brochures from the Fence to connect your account before April 12.

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