Red Dead Online celebrates the Independence Day this week

Red Dead Online celebrates the Independence Day with new discounts, clothing and weapon

Red Dead Online independence day

Celebrate Independence Day in Red Dead Online with a fresh batch of bonuses this week! Expect 30% bonus cash and XP Boost in all Free Roam Missions and a variety of retail discounts on weapon components, including 25% off the Evans Repeater rifle, as well as new additions to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. Patriots among you can count on a 50% discount on red, white and blue. Free red, white and blue scarves and flags until July 8th.


Guns aren’t as good without proper maintenance, and you can expect a lot of them to degrade with this week’s festivities. As part of the celebration, merchants will be offering free Gun Oil for the next seven days to ensure all your guns are in tiptop shape. Remember to take care of your arsenal well, and it will take care of you.


The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue is offering a new limited supply item for this week: the warm and wooly Pelt Half Chaps. The remaining stock of Griffith Chaps will also be made available this week. For the stylish player, you can also check out the sturdy Cromwell Hat, as well as the svelte Cabrera Pants. In addition, you can show your stranger to strangers or make peace with your worst opponents by using Emote “Respectful Bow” that you will only receive for free this week from the catalog of Wheeler, Rawson & Co.

These Independence Day bonuses are the latest in a consistent stream of updates for Red Dead Online. Rockstar has supported the game with new d2 weapons, clothing, missions, characters, and events since launch and shows no signs of stopping the process. This new content follows yesterday’s announcement regarding exclusive Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online perks for Twitch Prime members. To take full advantage of this month’s bonuses, take a few seconds to connect your Twitch Prime and Rockstar Social Club accounts.

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