Red Dead Online: bonuses this week, Showdown and Gun Rush modes

Red Dead Online

In the Red Dead Online you can get rewards in Showdown Mode, Race and Gun Rush modes this week and enjoy a nice care package. Also 1.5 times RDO$ and Gold in all Showdown, Races and Gun Rush modes.

More than that, it provides recently added modes like Plunder, Target Races, Up In Smoke and Spoils of War. Every of them are represented as part of the Showdown Series and Race Series Playlists this week.

The 1.5X Gold offer also includes Land of Opportunities Missions, and all Free Roam Missions and Free Roam Events.

In addition, you can grab a nice care package filled with three versions of Miracle Tonic, Snake Oil, Health Cure, and Bitters.

Ammo Rank requirement has been raised for the week, all bullets are 25% off now.

And the last, cosmetic items like the Gator Hat and Ortega Vest are available to purchase again via the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue.

That’s all folks, have fun.

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