Red Dead Online: Blood Money update makes the horses shy

Red Dead Online: Blood Money update makes the horses shy

The latest update for Red Dead Online is called Blood Money and has made horses shy in many ways. In addition to randomly appearing dead horses, it is above all the unmanned, living ones that cause chaos and tear players overboard in many places. Actually, the big summer update Blood Money should just bring a breath of fresh air to Red Dead Online.

Riding at your own risk. A horse without a cowboy is like a website without a menu: riderless. A similar problem seems to exist with Red Dead Online right now. Players have no problem finding their horses. Numerous unmanned stallions roam the prairie and prefer to ram cowboys out of the saddle. As can be seen in the video embedded above, the horses are doing this quite nefariously and finally seem to rebel against the rule of humans.

Contrary to the first assumption, these horses do not seem to be wild animals. Most of them wear pretty saddles or other accessories. However, not all of these animals gallop at gamblers in rage. Some just stand around and stare into space. Others have blessed the temporal entirely.

Kotaku journalist Zack Zwiezen writes that he encountered all three species. When he searched for the problem online, he found that he is not alone in his strange encounters. Apparently the impetuous specimens are clones of player horses.

What is the cause of the nefarious steeds? Where these clones come from and how the update caused this phenomenon is unclear. On Reddit and Twitter, some players suspected this might have something to do with the stables in the game. Others believe that these are horses owned by players who have flown out of their online session.

Whatever the cause, developer Rockstar will soon be addressing this “problem”. Then the horses are degraded to blunt mounts again and can unfortunately no longer live out their wild dream of galloping cowboys around.

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