Recent round of Black Desert Online maintenance has led to the introduction of Thundercloud Kutum

So, a very recent round of Black Desert Online maintenance has led to the introduction of Thundercloud Kutum, in addition to several improvements and tweaks.

The new patch itself includes 76 updates and improvements. One such update is Thundercloud Kutum. In fact, it is a kind of new enemy that will electrocute anyone who enters its stone halls. In addition, he can awaken an Ancient weapon to help him if he feels threatened. They will deal with unlockable energy storms that will deal critical damage.When the Kutum Thundercloud actually appears, it will activate inside the aforementioned stone chamber. This cell contains several rooms, each of which performs its own function. These features include rooms that clear the Kutum clouds, a room that weakens the Kutum, and more.

The following character improvements:

  • Emergency Escape-Fixed a skill issue where the final waiting animation was not visible and the skills could be used immediately afterwards.
  • Emergency Escape-Fixed an issue where certain actions could extend the skill’s expiration date.
  • The emergency exit will now close the processing window when used.

Also, bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where monsters would get stuck at a certain boulder on the Northern Plain of Serendia.
  • Fixed an issue where joining a new guild after leaving the old one caused voice chat or chat groups to be unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue where your character could not move in certain areas of the Kron Islands.

In related news, the Black Desert boat building event is currently live – streaming through May 25. In addition, Sage has recently received several improvements and fixes.

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