Rare loot and weapon camouflage.

So, Phantasy Star Online 2 enters the New Year with a festive decor, rare loot, weapon camouflage and a variety of mini-outfits in the style of Rappy.

“It’s been a full year, ARX, and the Oracle Fleet has encountered many problems in a very short time. It is time to celebrate the end of the first and the beginning of the new year, which we hope will bring peace and prosperity to both civilians and operatives. So join us on the ships as we explore the gate area and shopping plaza, and look for Rappy and Nyau on our expeditions in the hope of rare drops, Rappy costumes, and more!”

Players who may encounter Rappy will finally discover that the feathered bird has pulled out its dragon suit and now finally bears the name Drago Rappy. He-Drago Rappy has the ability to drop a variety of weapons and equipment, as well as including Shinonome Senga double daggers, Shinonome Raitei assault rifle, Xien no Fushichou weapon blade and Guren no Souyoku jet boots, as well as the Rappy Mini: White suit and Leaf in the Autumn Breeze weapon skin.

And, those who encounter Nyau will have a chance to purchase a 13-star Sky Shine katana, Noiya Kumade Bow Weapon and mini-outfits Frog, Dark, Summer and Black Rappy Suit..

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