Quantum Knights’ first gameplay

It was announced in 2018 having a special name Project NM. Later it was unveiled at the special event Line Games under the new name – Quantum Knights. This game have finally been shown to the public! The first gameplay of this unusual shooter made in a fantasy setting have been published.

Fresh developers’ video shows us numerous enemies, interface, different abilities and some various weapons. As we see, it is allowed to place up to four skills and no more than three types of weapons in total. Using skills spends a certain amount of mana. Leveling up is also shown.

Quantum Knight or Project NM is a new shooter having a third-person view effect and PRG elements admixture. It was made in the science fiction and fantasy setting. Players will take part in actions taking place in the future world. Quantum Knights’ exact release date is still unknown, but we’ll definitely get this exclusive PC game in 2022.

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