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Quake: A new shooter episode at QuakeCon 2021?

Are the developers about to announce a new episode of the Quake shooter series? At least one item on the program at QuakeCon 2021 suggests such a possibility. Right at the beginning of the event there will be a Quake panel with id Software and MachineGames.

QuakeCon 2021 is already casting its shadow. The organizers recently published the official program for the event, which will take place from August 19th to 21st – next weekend. One point stands out in particular and should really fuel the rumor mill. Because apparently the announcement of a new Quake is on the agenda.

A panel is planned for the beginning of QuakeCon on August 19th, which will focus on the celebrations for “25 years of Quake”. Not only developers from id Software but also from the Studio MachineGames take part. So far, however, these had nothing to do with the Quake brand, which in itself should cause raised eyebrows. Fittingly, there is also a rumor that we reported back in June of this year. At that time there was talk of a possible reboot of the first-person shooter Quake, which is said to be created at id Software – with the help of MachineGames.

A joint panel for the brand’s 25th anniversary at QuakeCon would definitely be the perfect setting to present such a project to the public for the first time. The MachineGames team definitely does not lack sufficient experience in the shooter genre. After all, games like Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: Youngblood come from the team based in Sweden. However, we will all have to wait until next weekend before we are certain – unless there is a leak beforehand.

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