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PTS patch notes for Elder Scrolls Online.

So, Zenimax has published PTS patch notes for Elder Scrolls Online 6.3.2, which brings a reset of skill points for the EU ESO Boost, in addition to the anniversary.

Actually, the size of this patch is not very large only 172 MB, then, I hope, it will not take too much time. The anniversary is a big feature of this patch, which starts on February 10 (tomorrow). You will be able to complete the Ache for Cake quest to get an Anniversary Cake to remember you by. If you use this souvenir, you will get a 100% XP boost during the buff. You will also receive three tickets to the event, which you can use in the Impresario.

Naturally, in addition to this, during the anniversary itself, players will be able to get the first two fragments for the identity of the Dead Earth Fire Walker. Only three fragments. You can get them at the Impresario for 10 tickets each. The third piece will be available at a later event this season.The patch also brings several crash fixes and improvements for several DLC, combat, gameplay, and base game features.

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