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PTS on the eve of the launch of the Waking Flame DLC offers additional fixes.

Well, in the most recent PTS patch ahead of the launch of the Waking Flame DLC this month on PC and Mac, Elder Scrolls Online offers additional fixes to prepare for the full release of the DLC. These additional fixes for Waking Flames are intended for both dungeons, the Bastion of Red Petals, and the Cellar of Horror and relate to the general gameplay and bosses. For example, ESO Boost and the following fixes are observed in Dread Cellar:

  • Common.
    Doors leading to Mysterious Corridors sometimes no longer allow access before the magic seal is removed.
  • Updated the locations of treasure chests.Embodied Magma
  • The Incarnate’s unstable Blitz ability will now be used more consistently.
  • After opening the portal to the nearby Agony Stone, there is now a limited amount of time before the events begin.
  • The Agonimia Stone in the Fire Pit will no longer emit jets of fire after destruction.

But other fixes in PTS relate to the combat and abilities of the Guardians, various fixes for Dragonhold quests, fixes for the Blackwood zone and quests, as well as various improvements and fixes for the base game and events.

Waking Flame will be released on PC and Mac on August 23. One of the NPCs that you will meet in the DLC includes Lucilla Caprenia. You can read her biography and knowledge here. Meanwhile, Update 31 for Elder Scrolls Online will include the long-awaited changes in PvP battles. Update 31, by the way, is launched together with Waking Flame. This means August 23 for PC and Mac and August 31 on the console.

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