PTS Fallout 76 has opened.

PTS Fallout 76 reopened yesterday. Bethesda provided additional information in a recent report from Inside the Vault.As mentioned earlier, the PTS for Fallout 76 was scheduled to reopen in mid-March. However, there were no specific dates at the time. It seems that the time has come today. Bethesda has provided some additional information in the latest release of Inside the Vault.

They note that if you have Fallout 76 via Behtesda you should already have access to the PTS. New features for PTS testing include SPECIAL Loads, camp slots, daily Ops expansion, and more. Also, if you play on a PTS server to test these features, you’ll get a PTS-themed pennant for your CAMP for the live version. You will have to play at least one hour a day for three different days on the PTS to be eligible.

In case you missed it during yesterday’s Bethesda Joins Xbox round table, Todd Howard was very blunt about the disastrous launch of Fallout 76, saying:,

When this game started, we had a lot of problems, and we let a lot of people down, and, well, there were very few things that we didn’t mess up.

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