PS5 is preparing to be released mainly for the ‘hard-core’ consumer and triple-A titles

With the PlayStation 5 supposedly launching late next year, Sony will be in the process of defining its approach to the next console generation. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Sony’s main strategy with PlayStation 5 will be to draw consumers in with triple-A titles.

PlayStation 5

Much like the PlayStation 4, the PS5 is set to be a key part of Sony’s business. As such, Sony will continue to view Microsoft as its main competitor in the console space, with the next Xbox — dubbed Project Scarlett right now — also set to release near the end of 2020. Sony is also aware of the threat that newcomers like Google Stadia potentially pose, but it only views them as such in the “mid-to-long term”. In other words, Sony doesn’t seem to think that the world is quite ready for game streaming to take over just yet.

PlayStation focusing more on their bigger, AAA titles will be an interesting change as several of their exclusives haven’t been shown off yet, assuming they plan to showcase them along with the new console. Games like the Last of Us 2, and possibly a new Nathan Drake game are definitely on the way, and since they haven’t been showcased recently at E3 2019, it’s very likely that Sony simply needs to focus on those titles more closely in the meantime.

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