Progression system and much more in Crowfall.

So, Crowfall laid out its plans for 2021 in advance on its own Kickstarter page, pointing out the new ship progression system and more.

In general, there are several features and additions that are planned for 2021.And one of them is a new system of vascular progression. This system will allow players to keep the current characters while increasing the level limit, without requiring you to re-level. This will start at level 30 and will not require you to return to God’s reach. This new system will create a new progression that will take you from level 30 to level 35.

And other announced features included an improved character attribute system, the addition of a new lobby interface, the removal of mobile banking from campaign worlds, the addition of a new rule system, the integration of an in-game wiki dubbed Crowpedia, and more.

In particular, the attribute system is designed to have a greater impact on your personal character and statistics. This should also encourage more personalization in your particular game style, while introducing difficult choices to your build.

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