Private Servers Are Now Available for Last Oasis

Private Servers Now Available for Last Oasis

Starting with good news, this game will be able to support up to 64 players.

Through a partnership with Nitrado, private servers are now available for Last Oasis.

The news was shared on the official Twitter account earlier,

“Private servers are now available through our partner @nitrado!

Get your own server”

Additional details were provided by the included URL which points to server pricing. It looks like there are four options available. The first option is called Small Server and allows up to 10 players. There are 30 days of run time which can be extended. You can also install up to five games. Plus there over 100 games withing the cloud. This is priced at $13 USD.

The next tier up is the Medium Server for $20.15. It is largely similar to the Small server, with the only difference being that it can support up to 20 players. The Big Server is priced at $63.70 and can support up to 64 players. There’s a fourth custom option with starts at $13. It allows you to adjust players, etc.

Additional details on the Nitrado service include the fact that there is no contract and no minimum terms. The server offers ESL. Premium certified servers, each with their own IP and default port in the data center located in Frankfurt, Germany.

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