Pre-loading of Borderlands 3 starts this week

Borderlands 3 client preload soon

On March 10, Steam users will be allowed to preload client of the shooter Borderlands 3 in advance. According to the developers, crossplay will be enabled for Steam and EGS, and players from various services will not be able to send things to each other via mail.

Gearbox Software decided to prepare players in advance for the release of the Borderlands 3 shooter on Steam. The release of this game in the store from Valve will be held March 13.

Players will be allowed to preload the B3 75 GB client on March 10th. Users of EGS and Steam will have access to the crossplay function, but first player will has to get a SHiFT account to get into the matchmaking.

Savings of Borderlands 3 from the Epic Games Store can be transferred to Steam (player will has to do this manually). Unfortunately, the exchange of things via mail between gamers from various services will not be possible yet, but developers will definitely introduce this mechanics in the future.

Steam users will be able to play B3 through offline mode.

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