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Popular medieval MMORPG on Steam is free for a limited time

You can currently test the MMORPG Gloria Victis for free on Steam. This is a medieval sandbox game that is all about conquering fortresses. It is currently still in Early Access.

What kind of game is this? Gloria Victis is an indie MMORPG with a focus on realism, PvP and the battles for fortresses. In the game you enjoy a lot of freedom, but you are not taken by the hand as much as in Themepark games.

  • The MMORPG dispenses with classes. You develop yourself further via a skill system, whereby there are no “active skills”.
  • There is no magic. The focus is on realistic battles.
  • You manage huge castles that can be besieged and conquered by other players.
  • In general, PvP is possible anywhere in the world.
  • Gloria Victis relies on an action combat system that is reminiscent of For Honor.
  • There is PvE content like quests and raids, but the focus is on PvP.
  • Crafting and the player-driven economy play an important role.
  • There is a shop with cosmetic content.

Gloria Victis has been in Early Access on Steam since 2016. There is no release date yet.

What is the free trial about? Until November 15th you can take part in an event where Gloria Victis is completely free to play. You can try out all the content of the MMORPG and gamble as much as you want.

Gloria Victis is considered an MMORPG with a lot of potential, which it cannot, however, call up

How is Gloria Victis arriving? On Steam, the game is rated positively 70% with 4,764 reviews. Even in the last 30 days, it was rated positively by 70%. In October, an average of 311 players played Gloria Victis, in Peak 522 were online at the same time.

What is praised about the MMORPG? Many see great potential in the combat system, the free builds and the battles. Especially when many players are fighting in a huge battle for a fortress, the MMORPG should stand out particularly positively. The fights should also put a lot of emphasis on skill.

There is also praise for the loot system, which should feel very rewarding, and the fact that there is no Pay2Win. There are also weekly updates and regular insights into the ideas and concepts of the developers.

What is being criticized? There is criticism primarily for the fact that Gloria Victis should have a lot of potential, but that is not used. The skills should often give wrong numbers, the combat system should have some bugs and the textures are often very washed out.

There is also criticism for not being able to play alone because you constantly encounter larger, hostile groups of players. The different nations fighting each other should also not be balanced. Last but not least, they complain about a toxic community that is often found in PvP games.

Who is the MMORPG for? Gloria Victis is aimed primarily at PvP and Middle Ages fans, who also don’t focus on the graphics. You can clearly see that the MMORPG is being developed by a small team.

You should also be able to handle open-world PvP, as this is a crucial part of the game and happens everywhere with the exception of a few safe zones. When you die, you lose your inventory, and it should take a long time for the enemies to loot your items, so they are often left lying around until you respawn. Nevertheless, a certain tolerance for frustration is important.

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