Polish shooter World War 3 starts closed beta on Steam

Polish shooter World War 3 starts closed beta on Steam

The shooter World War 3 looks like the Polish answer to Battlefield 2042 – but it started in 2018. Now the game is trying to restart in the closed beta. So the competitor from EA got caught in a turbulent phase. This is also shown by the reviews on Steam.

World War 3 has been in development since 2018. With a new version, the game has now started on Steam and in a closed beta. The restart began just a few days after the bumpy start of Battlefield 2042 – and invites you to compare.

Who are the developers? World War 3 comes from the Polish developer The Farm 51. The studio attracted attention this July with the game Chernobylite. This from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. inspired survival game was generally well received, got 75 on Metacritic and “very positive” reviews on Steam. World War 3 has been in development since 2018. Now the developers are trying to restart with a new version of the game.

How do I play the game? The game has been in closed beta test (CBT) since November 25th. This should go until March 2022. Anyone who already owns World War 3 or who is now buying it on Steam can take part in the closed beta.

The Polish answer to Battlefield?

Even if the restart wasn’t so soon after the Battlefield 2042 release, World War 3 would be reminiscent of Battlefield. With a modern war setting, large maps, many modifiable weapons and vehicles such as tanks, the game is based heavily on the competition from DICE.

How is the game playing? Up to 40 players can compete against each other in two game modes:

  • In Tactical Operations mode, two teams of 20 players each have to conquer control points.
  • In the classic Team Deathmatch, teams of 10 players compete against each other. The aim here is to collect more kills faster than the opposing team.

The similarities to Battlefield can already be seen clearly in the tactical operations mode. This mode is very reminiscent of Conquest from the Battlefield series.

But the Battlefield games are not the only inspiration for the game: the loadout menu is reminiscent of Call of Duty, both visually and in terms of content. Mechanics that can be compared to the killstreaks from CoD are also present in the game.

World War 3 is more popular on Steam than Battlefield 2042

The start of Battlefield 2042 was very turbulent: the game received mixed reviews from critics and was torn apart by users on Steam.

World War 3 scores significantly better with Steam users than Battlefield 2042 despite an average overall rating.

How are the ratings compared to Battlefield? World War 3 currently has 64% positive ratings (via Steam). For comparison: Battlefield 2042 only has 32% (via Steam). However, World War 3 has only had around 15,000 ratings on Steam since 2018. In comparison: In just one week, over 50,000 Steam users submitted a review for Battlefield 2042.

The sheer mass of reviews is not fully comparable, but a clear tendency can be seen among the fans. Especially since some players explicitly say that they are currently finding World War 3 better than Battlefield 2042 and are pushing for the bumpy release of the AAA shooter.

It remains to be seen whether the game can take advantage of the current situation in Battlefield 2042. Are you looking for an alternative for Battlefield 2042? Are you going to try World War 3? You can also try Outriders or Division 2 if you haven’t already.

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