Pokemon Fusion is trending on twitter, people are obsessed again

pokemon fusion

There’s probably not much people on planet Earth who knows nothing about Pokemons. These bizarre creatures have captured the hearts and imagination of multiple generations worth of kids and adults. As if the real games (like Pokemon Sword and Shield) weren’t enough, the Pokemon Fusion website is gaining its audience again.

Pokemon Fusion

For those who doesn’t have a clue about what Pokemon Fusion is, it’s a website where you can form a new, unique Pokemon out of two others. Usually this means swapping some body parts or color palettes and making something kind of creepy or unsettling. Sometimes they come out adorable though!

For some reason this not a new website went viral over the weekend. Pokefusions was trending on Twitter and it was hard to scroll through any feed without seeing them here and there. To make things even more interesting, tons of artists started drawing them.

At this point, #PokemonFusion is still trending on Twitter, so keep an eye on the tag to see even more strange creations from PokeFusion and some talented fan artists. For nostalgic Pokemon fans who get the itch to track down the original Pokedex after playing around on PokeFusion, it’s not too late to pick up Pokemon Let’s Go and dive back into that experience.

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