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Players grind several hours for maximum rank in Genshin Impact

Almost a year after the release of Genshin Impact, the first players have now managed to reach the highest adventure rank. Several hours of grind were necessary for this. But was it worth it? In any case, the reward is very … modest.

What is the Adventure Rank? The adventure rank or level is a mechanic in Genshin Impact that mainly determines your progress in the game. This level is valid globally for your entire account and differs from the individual character levels. Accordingly, you get separate EXP for this.

The highest rank is currently level 60 and it took almost a year for the first players to reach this rank. While the first 55 levels are relatively easy to reach, the last 5 levels require a lot of grind to complete. Eternal grind – for a few wishes and upgrade materials.

What was the reward? For reaching the highest rank, the player received a few wishes, primogems and upgrade material for weapons and characters.

So if you expected a special reward for reaching rank 60, you will be disappointed. A lot of work is required for this.

How long does it take to level 60? It is very difficult to give an exact number. According to gamesradar, it would not even be enough to complete all daily assignments, events and quests. That would just get you up to rank 58.

It took the first one to do this almost a year since the release to achieve this. That already speaks for how much effort it takes.

What happens after level 60? Aside from the reward, next to nothing changes. Your EXP will be converted into Mora from now on. Rewards from daily tasks also bring almost double the amount of Mora.

Was it worth? Everyone has to decide for themselves. Most players would probably expect a better reward for hours of grind. For others, only success counts.

What exactly does the Adventure Rank bring? Especially at the beginning, the adventure rank unlocks many mechanics in Genshin Impact. This includes:

  • New areas
  • Dungeons
  • Daily orders
  • Expeditions
  • The co-op mode

In addition, your world level is also directly related to the adventure rank. So the Adventure Rank plays an important role in your progress.

What’s going on in Genshin Impact right now? Update 2.2 is supposed to appear next month. There are already some leaks with new characters and “Tsurumi”, a new island in Inazuma.

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