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Players complain about useless characters in Genshin Impact

Players criticize a “bug” in Genshin Impact that affects the constructs of geo characters. The developers, miHoYo, say this is on purpose and not a bug in the game.

Geo is one of the seven elements of Genshin Impact. While the other six elements can provoke effective reactions with one another, Geo can only crystallize, creating crystals that create a protective shield for the character who collects them.

Geo characters, like

  • Zhongli
  • Albedo
  • Ningguang
  • Geo traveler

can use their skills to set up geo-objects that remain on the ground when they are exchanged and produce different effects.

For example, Albedo’s elemental ability creates a flower and thus a field that lets you deal additional damage. Ningguang can place a shield that blocks enemy projectiles and increases the geo-damage of figures walking through the shield.

What’s the problem with the players? The spatial objects do not stop on platforms that could move, but disappear again immediately. So they cannot be placed there.

Because geo-characters cannot trigger strong reactions, such as evaporation or melting, they are rather weak in the community. So they at least need their constructs to be useful.

“This is not a bug, it is a wanted feature”

The players have been complaining for months: Again and again there are reddit threads that point to the problem of the geo-characters and demand a fix (via reddit). Not only moving platforms are the reason that the geo-objects are disappearing, but also the hitboxes of some bosses.

The boss fight against the Oceanids is particularly noticeable to the players, as the arena actually consists of many smaller platforms and does not move continuously.

However, other users note that the boss lets some platforms sink during the fight, causing them to move. That would be the reason for the “bug”.

What do the developers say about it? miHoYo responded to the criticism that the reddit user Jonathanlw published in a thread (via reddit). The developers write in response:

Geo-objects of characters like Zhongli, Traveler, Albedo and Ningguang etc. cannot be placed on the Okeanid arena. This is not a bug, but a wanted feature. Remember that you can freeze the water on the arena, then you can place geo-objects on it, since the ground is now stable.

The players don’t like this feedback at all, so resentment spreads in the comments of the reddit thread: “You’re just too lazy to get it right.” “Geo is by far the most boss-unfriendly element.” “Albedo’s special ability literally doesn’t work in a single boss fight. That makes me pretty angry.”

Furthermore, the community suspects that the developers don’t care and simply label this problem as wanted in order to curb the criticism. As a compromise, players occasionally suggest making the geo-objects disappear as soon as the platforms or things move and not before.

What do you think of the “feature”? Do you think that is fair and have you already had problems with it?

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