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Plans for Diablo 2.

One of the most important areas of activity of games and developers in recent years is accessibility. Blizzard is no different, as they recently discussed their plans for accessibility in the upcoming Diablo 2 revival. You may remember that Blizzard really wanted to get your feedback on availability back in March of this year. At that time, they asked,

“At Blizzard, every vote counts, and we want to make sure that our epic entertainment is truly epic for ALL of our players. If the problem of accessibility has become an obstacle to playing our games, we would like to hear your opinion.”

The team itself begins with a conversation about the opportunities for improving the quality of life that the team faced when developing in the field of accessibility. This includes things like enlarged fonts, gamma and contrast settings, and much more. One of the great opportunities here was the automatic receipt of gold. D2R Boosting Category opens up soon. As they noted,

“If a player with a disability or an arm injury has been robbing in Diablo II: Resurrected, this option can ease the physical strain without compromising the main gameplay.”

Key bindings were one more area that Blizzard focused on, providing players with extensive capabilities and tethered actions to both the mouse and keyboard. For those players for whom long-term retention and repetitive actions are a problem, you will now be able to switch such actions.In case you’re Diablo 2 Resurrected got a release date in the announcement last month. You can play the ARPG when it comes out on September 23 this year.

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