PlanetSide 2’s new update brings Nanite System Operatives and leaps to DirectX 11

PlanetSide 2

The biggest update since 2016 for PlanetSide 2 is finally released today, and it presents the game’s first new faction, Nanite System Operatives, and completes the game’s passage to DirectX 11 that should signal great performance improvements throughout the board.

You probably can remember from the faction’s primary previews late last year that the Nanite Systems Operatives faction in general isn’t its own faction but a “mercenary” faction which forces will fight under the banner of the least-populated faction in a given zone, and this should help to poise faction population inequality and guarantee that battles won’t get one-sided as well. The update also flags PS2’s leap from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. The update should “significantly boost FPS performance on modern hardware,” and how the devs say it gives them “a path for further optimization in the future.”

Next move from PS2 team

Now, when that notable undertaking is not getting on the way, the PS2 team started to think about future, and their next aim seems to be a renovation of the new-player experience. While devs aren’t diving into details (for now), they say that they’re considering the possibility of automatically pairing low-BR players into Mentor groups, thus letting them receive the profits of personal tutelage from skilled players. And to speak about what the dev team has planned aside from that, we can only sit and wait for now, that’s all.

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