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Phasmophobia: Developers are probably working on a Halloween update

The developers of Phasmophobia shared a list of new content for a Halloween update via Trello. This should probably introduce a new “Nightmare Difficulty”, along with some other things that are still secret.

There are three levels of difficulty in the horror game Phasmophobia. At the highest, the spirits are active much earlier and completing a task grants significantly more money. However, if you get lost while hunting ghosts, the insurance won’t pay as much for your lost equipment.

Since Halloween is almost around the corner, the horror title will probably receive a suitable update. There is no official announcement yet, but according to the official Trello board of Phasmophobia, the new update will probably contain a “Nightmare” level of difficulty.

Kinetic Games uses Trello to keep their players informed about the latest developments in the title. A new card called “Halloween Update” lists “Nightmare Difficulty” and some other “blacked out” items. In the new update, players can probably look forward to a lot more than just a new level of difficulty.

On Reddit, of course, fans were already starting to speculate about what the missing points might contain. Popular estimates involved new sounds, new ghost events, and new animations. To fan speculation, the game’s lead artist Corey J Dixon responded with “No, no, no, keep guessing”. So fans continue to grope in the dark.

The Phasmophobia developers have been working on revising the levels of difficulty for several months. These are designed to offer experienced players something new and challenging to play in the future. Perhaps the Nightmare Difficulty could implement exactly this idea of ​​the developer.

We will probably receive more information about the planned update in the weeks before Halloween. So it’s worth keeping an eye on Phasmophobia’s Trello board and social media channels.

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