Phantom Abyss: already available in early access

Phantom Abyss: already available in early access

Asynchronous multiplayer Phantom Abyss from the development team of Team WIBY and publisher Devolver Digital, where adventurers are trapped in procedurally generated temples filled with all kinds of traps, is out in Early Access today.
One of the most interesting features of the game is that players can see up to 20 phantoms of other players or their friends who tried to pass, but could not, and take advantage of their successes or mistakes to overcome traps and find sacred relics in ancient temples.

At the moment, the game has three fully developed zones out of five planned. Each of them has a huge number of rooms with various traps and other variables, thanks to which “an almost infinite number of unique temples” are generated. Later, the developers promise to add new content and follow the feedback from the players, trying to quickly respond to them and, if necessary, introduce some adjustments.

Phantom Abyss is available on PC via Steam. The game now has a 20% discount until July 8th.

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