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Phantasy Star Online 2 will receive a new content update.

As it became known, the Phantasy Star Online 2 will receive a new content update tomorrow in episode 6 with the start of the Christmas holidays, which should come soon.

Episode 6 will introduce the phantom class and the “Etoile” class; both parts of the layering. New types of enemies are also being released. Luminox has a high attack power, heavy armor, and unique skills. The ultra enemy is a powerful enemy that has undergone a strange evolution from local enemies and false spawns on each planet; it is very difficult in difficulties, and players have a chance to earn powerful weapons when they are defeated.Finally, the limit will be raised to 95

Naturally, you can look forward to some new quests. Join the new urgent quest “Armada of destruction: Intercept”, a space battle against the “Armada of destruction”, which uses more advanced technology than the ARKS, led by the” goddess of destruction Shiva”, the Nemesis of the ARKS. The ARKS will engage in a massive battle in space, while strengthening their forces with the help of “AIS VEGA”.

Players can also look forward to new Pets. In addition, Christmas is coming to PSO2, including festivities, decorations, quests, and more that start today.

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