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Phantasy Star Online 2 Global will please you on February 17.

Since its release, Phantasy Star Online 2 Global has made great progress, with the addition of new classes to the game, increasing the level and also a huge number of joint projects, so that players are interested. And now Phantasy Star Online 2 is heading to the Epic Games Store on February 17. Meanwhile PSO2 New Genesis Level Boost will be available in June 2021.

If for some reason you were unable to play this game when it was launched on the Microsoft Store or Steam, or if you tried it but just prefer the Epic game store, then February 17 is your day. Fred White from the Phantasy Star Online 2 global team said this about the release:

“We are so happy to release Phantasy Star Online 2 Global on the Epic Games Store. With all of the game’s huge updates over the past year, including the newest Chapter 6 update, there’s more content than ever to explore and play. We can’t wait to welcome all the new players to the PSO2 universe!

Actually, – Fred White, head of marketing for the Phantasy Star Online 2 team . And he’s right to say that there’s a lot to do with so many updates being released in quick succession. It doesn’t hurt to jump in sooner rather than later with Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis is on the horizon – and your characters will be transported!

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