Phantasy Star Online 2 Launches on PC Today After all these years


At long last, Phantasy Star Online 2 makes its North American PC debut today.

In case you missed it, you could begin preloading the MMORPG last night ahead of the servers opening up today at 5a PDT / 8a ET. Additionally, both the Xbox One and PC versions are set to receive a Wedding Event in North America. The event is set to run from today through June 23. New Seasonal Client Orders, new Urgent Requests, and new décor will mark the occasion.

Phantasy Star Online 2 will be available on PC from the Microsoft Store. Additionally, the NA release is set to receive three years of content, as confirmed by the press release,

“The North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2 includes fully localized text and character voices in English, spanning three years of content. In addition to the immersive original PSO2 story, the NA version also features the most-up-to-date balancing and quality-of-life improvements from the Japanese service.”

You’ll receive various items upon login, including weapon skins that provide a new look to different weapons (Nei Claw / Nacht ×1, L & K Combat / Licht ×1, Windmill / Nacht ×1, Celesta Razor / Nacht ×1), Unit?Back / Fresh Aura?x1, consumables to help players get stronger faster (EXP Earned +50% x10, Rare Drop Rate +50% x10, Meseta Earned +50% x10), and Half Scape Doll x5.

Additionally, cross-play will be enabled across PC and Xbox One. Said Fred White, PSO2 TEAM North America’s Head of Marketing, in a press release,

“With the launch of PSO2 on PC, North American Xbox One and PC players can now unite in-game. Crossplay enables all players to play together, with game progress linked between the platforms. Our goal is to provide players with even more ways to connect with each other.”

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