Pearl Abyss is hosting a party of special splendor.

Since the launch of Black Desert Online in the west, 5 years have passed and Pearl Abyss is hosting a party of special splendor. The MMO developer is hosting a live stream today to celebrate this milestone, as well as giving a sneak peak in the new dungeon coming to the MMO.

To mark this anniversary, Pearl Abyss hosted a live broadcast where the team held an in-game event with the hosts so that players could earn in-game rewards by playing, in effect, a large-scale game of hide-and-seek.

In addition, the future content for this MMO was shown live, showing the new Altaraxion dungeon. This dungeon is described as a non-instantiated dungeon that requires teamwork from you and your group to complete its tasks. Pearl Abyss recently took over publishing Black Desert Online in the West and is literally giving away a Steam copy of BDO for free until March 10.

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