Pearl Abyss has tested various variants of camouflage suits in Black Desert.

Pearl Abyss tested various variants of camouflage suits in Black Desert and came to the conclusion that it would be best to leave the inscription “Unknown Traveler” instead of the player’s nickname, so the suit will lose its fraudulent function in PvP.

Of the tested options, there was also one in which the nickname in a camouflage suit was completely hidden, but it was possible to highlight the player with a special signal rocket that could be used instantly. However, the players did not like this option — the need to purchase an additional item and use an additional button.

Therefore, it was decided to install a patch on August 25, after which an inscription will be displayed above the camouflaged players, and they will no longer be able to merge with the environment, making it difficult to detect in PvP. It will be possible to extract Crown Stones from costumes purchased before August 25.

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