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PCF plans to fix many bugs in Outriders

So, after Outriders was released on April 1, they met with a mixed reaction, as many servers were simply slammed, and crashes greatly prevented players from getting a smooth experience. It’s possible to get Outriders Boost fast and reliable.And more recently, a massive bug that clears players ‘ inventory, including their gear, has caused immeasurable chaos, and People Can Fly (PCF) wants players to know that they plan to do something about it.If you have played Outriders since launching earlier this month, it is very likely that you have encountered errors related to server connection issues or crashes-especially after you have reached endgame Expeditions. Another bug that was once considered rare, players completely lose their inventory of equipment, including armor and weapons that were currently equipped, is being studied by the team. Reports have also revealed that some players have lost dozens of items located in their caches.

But the PCF team has apologized for this error and is committed to fixing it. A recent patch was implemented in the hope that it would at least stop the problem, but the team itself admitted that after the patch, the number of reports of the problem increased. As the team works to restore players ‘ gear, they’ve provided a brief overview of what they can expect when the fix goes live. One of the biggest caveats to actually fixing this problem is the final point: “Recovered items may not have exactly the same stats as lost items.” It may be a boon for players if the recovered items are somehow magnified to say ” sorry” for the problem that has occurred, but Outriders carry characters live and die on the game’s loot table, and specific builds require very specific stats and mods. All of the PCF’s intentions can be read in their response on reddit or below:

  • We will only be able to recover the most valuable layers of lost items, such as Epics and Legends.
  • The recovery must occur on a specific day and must be a one-time event.
  • The exact date is TBC.
  • The restoration should be an addition to your inventory. It should not replace your current inventory.
  • Recovered items may not have exactly the same stats as lost items.

It is very important to note that the previous list is only the team’s intentions, and not an indication of what might actually happen. As of this writing, there is no time frame to resolve this issue, and technical difficulties may delay or even prevent PCF from completing the recovery. In addition to the inventory cleanup, an Accolade cleanup error was also reported. Rewards are essentially achievements that you earn by playing a game and completing certain tasks. According to PCF, restoring the Accolade is more complex than the gear situation and will take longer to resolve. Recently, Square Enix and PCF promised players who have coped with many server instability issues a “thank you” package that will include Legendary Weapons and an influx of titan, as well as an emotion called “Frustration” that is more than suitable for players experiencing these persistent problems. If you want to learn more about Outriders to decide if this game is right for you, check out our recent review.

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