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Path of Exile update.

Well, Grinding Gear Games has announced its 3.13 expansion for Path of Exile ,well, more precisely, it is preparing to do it, namely on January 7.And in fact, as always, they have published a short schedule of what you can expect during this month. But on January 8, look forward to a summary of questions and answers with a potential frequently asked question. On January 9, there will be a show of awards for the challenge, January 11 will be a day with all subsequent events.

  • The league of robberies ends at one o’clock in the afternoon.
  • 13 private leagues become available for pre-purchase.
  • All the [edited] is solved.
  • 13 The Manifesto Of Balance.

Other key dates include information about the launch day on January 14, and the actual launch will take place on January 15. GGG has already shared some details of the announcement on 3.13, where new skills, items and more will be revealed on January 7. It looks like Twitch Drops will also be enabl

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