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Path of Exile problems.

Path of Exile was launched on the console on July 28. However, while the expansion is being released on Xbox just fine, problems with the ” demo” prevented the launch of the PlayStation. The expedition was officially presented earlier this month on July 15 in a live broadcast. The PC version was launched last week on July 23, and the console version was supposed to appear yesterday. However, according to the developer of Grinding Gear Games, the launch of the PlayStation version has been suspended. But it’s possible to buy poe currency in our store.

The problem seemed to be a serious database issue.

“We expected to launch Path of Exile: Expedition on the console today. The good news is that the launch continues on Xbox. The bad news is that we have encountered a problem with the showstopping database, and as a result, Path of Exile is currently not working on PlayStation until we solve this problem. Due to this issue, the launch of Expedition on PlayStation platforms has been postponed until the team can solve this problem.”

They continue,

“We can’t bring realm to the PlayStation until we are sure that this problem is solved. Our team is working as quickly as possible to fix this. However, we cannot provide a current estimate of when the kingdom will appear on the PlayStation. We hope it will be available again later today and will update this post when we have a clearer timeline.”

The message continues and apologizes from the team to the PlayStation community. Without a doubt, delaying the release of the PlayStation to solve these problems makes sense. After all, no one needs a broken game.

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