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Path of Exile is just a few days away from being released on PC.

So, Ultimatum, the latest expansion for Path of Exile, is just a few days away from being released on PC on April 16. But before its release, the Grinding Gear Games team outlined some balance changes they want to make. The team notes that they want to balance some of the game mechanics related to the new blood-themed skills and the Baal skills. They’re also looking to reduce the power of some of the mechanics who pretty much ran the house in the metagame and were OP about what the team intended. The atlas of passive trees also receives changes.

  • The Blood Magic Support Stone now consists of two separate stones, and there are several new passive clusters on the Passive Skill Tree that are specific to physical damage. Tainted blood is no longer considered bleeding damage. This also means that any reduced bleeding damage will not affect it.

Other changes to Path of Exile include Bladestorm, which now includes a bleed damage multiplier when in the Blood position. The cost of skills has also undergone some changes. As the team says:

“Skills now determine which resource they use. Hence, statistics can indicate whether they affect all expenses/bookings or some combination. For example, the Noble’s Righteous Decree on the Templar now reduces the Mana Cost of Skills, while the Indefatigable Noble affects all skill costs.”

In the latest news, Path of Exile 2 has received a long video game trailer. The video shows off a bow and spear and honestly looks pretty awesome. We started hands-on work with Path of Exile 2 earlier, shortly after it was announced at ExileCon 2019.

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