Path of Exile: DLC "Expedition" and the return of the Battle Royale

Path of Exile: DLC “Expedition” and the return of the Battle Royale

Back in 2018, the developers at Grinding Gear Games introduced an April Fool’s Day event for Path of Exile with a battle royale mode that was only available for one day. Path of Exile: Royale is now back and will be available to players on PC until the end of the weekend, and then every weekend throughout the Expedition League, except for the weekend after its launch.

Path of Exile: Royale requires a new level 1 character to play, and the battle itself lasts no more than 15 minutes. Players are waiting for a completely new tree of passive skills. It is specially designed for quick play and PvP battles. In this case, the selected class does not affect the starting location in the tree. As players level up, they gain two passive skill points instead of one.

Players start the match on the beach of the island with a few flasks and a basic weapon. The safe zone will shrink and those in the storm will take damage. Items, chests, and skill gems are scattered across the island. Experience can be gained by killing monsters and other players. Stronger monsters and skill gems, as well as higher-level equipment and several valuable chests are located in the center of the island.

There are about 50 skill gems and 15 support gems and PoE currency available in Path of Exile: Royale. They were taken from the base game and weakened for low level play as needed. The equipment will be basically the same as in the first act of the main game, although the numerical values ​​of some items have been adjusted. Several new mods have also been added, and some items have become available at much lower levels.

The authors note that the effect of the health flasks will be interrupted if you get hit by another player. When the player dies, you can pick up the items that he had from his corpse. Item filters and cosmetic microtransactions are disabled for now.

Flask stations can be found on the island, fully replenishing charges. Additionally, in Path of Exile: Royale, characters have more health, less mana (but with faster mana regeneration), higher stun and condition thresholds, more balanced base stats, and faster experience gain.

Battle Royale winners will receive a new hideout decoration in the base game, the Rhoa Feast. New appearance options are unlocked for him as the player wins more rounds. When you hover the cursor, the win score is shown.

Simultaneously with the return of Path of Exile: Royale, the action RPG developers have unveiled the Expeditions expansion, which will be released on July 23 on PC and on July 28 on consoles.

Players will face a challenge league, 4 new NPC traders, 19 new skill and support gems, new base item types, unique items, and large-scale balance changes that will make the game more challenging, including a complete overhaul of the flask system.

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