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Path of Exile 2: When can we expect the release?

How soon can you expect Path of Exile 2? Developer Chris Wilson also commented on the release of the expansion in a long talk and explained where the difficulties lie.

When will Path of Exile 2 be released? There is still no specific release date for Path of Exile 2. However, Chris Wilson from the New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games also spoke about its sequel in a three-hour talk about Path of Exile orbs (via YouTube) – and narrowed the release period.

When asked if Path of Exile 2 could even be expected before 2024, Wilson replied, “Our expectation is yes”. Then he went into more detail on the development status: “We believe that within two years we will very likely be in public beta or close to release.”

That would roughly correspond to summer 2023. Wilson stated that they have currently completed about 90% of the first act and 75% of the second act of Path of Exile 2. The later acts would have started now. There should be a total of seven acts in Path of Exile 2.

Wilson explains the problems of Path of Exile 2

Where are the problems? Originally a release was planned earlier. And now, too, Wilson says, looking at the percentages: “That doesn’t sound like a lot.” However, he explains: “While we were trying to get our art style and quality under control, we had to do a lot of work, set standards and introduce processes. Now we are in full production mode. ”

Mainly due to the pandemic, developments in the past have been more sluggish than hoped: “Covid did not help. The borders are closed and no one has come to New Zealand since March last year, except New Zealanders. ” Due to these circumstances, it is difficult to get the necessary staff for the development. But that should now change: You are expanding, outsourcing studios and promoting remote work.

Now one is looking for environment artists, for example: “If you are a world-class artist and want to work on PoE 2, then contact us.” There is enough work, they want to hire up to 100 artists in the next six months.

What is being worked on there? Path of Exile 2 is not a classic sequel, but rather a huge expansion of Path of Exile. However, features are added that correspond to a sequel – such as a new storyline. In addition, classes and equipment systems are being revised and renewed.

“We have the opportunity to do things new and improve,” said Wilson of Path of Exile 2: “The campaign is much better, the fight feels so much better.” The new story in particular should be more stringent and interesting.

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