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Path of Exile 2 release date changed.

Unfortunately, the release date of Path of Exile 2 has been postponed to next year. And the reason is far from unexpected – the pandemic is to blame. Chris Wilson, who is the head of Grinding Gear Games, told PC Gamer that the release of Path of Exile will not take place in 2021, as they had planned before.

Chris also admitted that he most dislikes blaming the coronavirus for everything. However, it cannot deny its influence. After all, the main problem is related to the fact that they now have difficulties with hiring new employees. Because this is happening internationally, and the borders are currently closed.

In addition, when Chris was asked if the game will be released next year, he replied that, most likely, it will be. And finally, he also added that working from home greatly slows down the process of releasing major updates.

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