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Patch in update 27.

Extended character patches in update 27 in Elder Scrolls Online have been described in a new post. As mentioned, the update will allow players to turn their bland homes into a more lively space that will be filled with both animals and helpers.

By the way, the post also included a bit from one developer about the additional accumulated humanoids and creatures.

“As an example, assume that you have already placed the smuggler of Perhari in your home. With this update, you now have a new option when targeting it in the housing Editor to “create a path”.- Once you click this button, you will see a path node under Perhari, and another node of the path that you hold in your hand like a piece of furniture. You can place nodes wherever you want, and this even includes hovering in the air or going straight through solid objects if you so choose. this was important to us because it supports the freedom that our housing editor is built around, but it means you can have some… unusual behavior.”

By the way, the update will be free and will be an add-on, not part of the DLC specifically.Update 27 is scheduled to launch on August 24 for all platforms, and for PCs on September 1. Fans may also want to read about the updated Stonethorn DLC, including special dungeons that will be released along with update 27.

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