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Patch for Path of Exile.

Patch 3.13.1 e for Path of Exile will be released this week.What can we expect from him?

This patch is intended to make a few improvements and fixes, as well as make some improvements and fixes to Mac, PvP, and crashes. More general fixes include bug fixes related to map bosses being unable to move on to their next phase, some monsters becoming unresponsive during ritual encounters, and Talismans falling without anointing on Distant Memories.

And here are some specific PvP improvements that include:

  • Fixed an issue where ready-made Templar characters could not equip the Firestorm Stone.
  • Fixed an issue where ready duelists didn’t have a fully dedicated Passive Tree.
  • Scorching Ray now has a 3-second attack time override.
  • Fixed an issue where the finished duelist character build was incorrectly named ” Whirling Blade.

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