Patch for Last Oasis.

Well, if you, like many others, suffered from crashes in Last Oasis, you can make sure that your game includes the latest patch. This patch, released on Friday, includes several crash fixes in addition to introducing several improvements around.

This patch covers the gameplay, interface, voice, text, as well as more general fixes and improvements. These included fixes for fuel containers, input device selection on Xbox, voice chat on Xbox, trader user interface on Xbox, creating user interface navigation on Xbox, and editing ownership rights on Xbox.

Some more general fixes and improvements for Last Oasis include:

  • Fixed a crash related to the hardware screen.
  • Optimized LODs for remote objects for Xbox.
  • Fixed a bug related to opening the player list on Xbox.
  • Fixed a bug related to viewing auctions at trading stations.
  • Fixed several crashes occurring on the Xbox. While not all of them can be fixed, they should happen much less frequently now.
  • Fixed crashes related to grabbing the hook.
  • Fixed a bug related to disabling the building screen during the action.
  • Fixed a bug related to voice chat activity.

The latest updates include the “wipe hype” patch, as well as various fixes regarding PvE, structure, and more. Around New Year’s Eve, the team teased us about what we could expect from the last Oasis in 2021. At the time, it included a new map, new enemies, and more community-driven features.

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