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Patch for Albion Online.

The recently released hellgates Albion Online as part of last year’s Call to Arms update has been a source of some anger for some members of the community. Sandbox Interactive has taken feedback from the players surrounding this feature, and with today’s patch addresses some issues, including the availability of this feature. In the patch released today, Albion Online sees changes to hellgates improving many of the issues the team has heard from players since its launch in late March. The patch notes, as well as an accompanying blog post on the Albion website, detail what this means, including how to improve matchmaking, as well as lower many entry barriers, ensuring that content is more accessible to players “without hacking banks.”

Also, the patch adjusts the rewards for hellgate content, with base loot increasing in most cases across all hellgates.

“Finally, we have revised the rewards for Hellgate and made some significant changes to provide even more incentive to explore the depths of Hell. The base loot has been slightly modified, resulting in minor changes to all hellgates. In very few remote cases, the base production was slightly reduced, but in the vast majority of these cases, the base production was increased.”

In fact, this is how the Albion developers say it should lead to a “significant increase” in rewards for all hellgates, especially 10v10 hellgates. The team also changed the PvE component of hellgates, which means that non-player enemies make up a significantly smaller portion of the experience, putting more emphasis on the PvP aspect of hellgates.

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