Patch 5/6 Albion Online, continues to improve the content, improving combat balancing.

Well, the Albion Online Call to Arms update, which was released back in March, brought a few new features.The latest patch, patch 5/6, continues to improve the content, improving combat balancing, updating Hellgates, and more.

When Call to Arms was launched in March, it included an update to the Unity engine in addition to new features such as Faction War, a new playable faction, Elite Faction Mounts, Hellgate rework, bug fixes, and more. But in fact, a recent patch earlier this month led to big improvements in Hellgates. This latest patch 5/6 aims to build on the work done so far. And, yes, that includes Hellgate. Changes to Hellgates this time include:

  • Hellgate’s Minibosses now appear on the map, so they can be easily identified and killed.
  • Changed the Hellgate boss icon to better distinguish it from the minibosses.
  • Increased radius at which Hellgate PvP chests despair if player corpses are under or near it (the chest must still be completely looted to desperation).
  • Patch 5/6 also contains an improved and expanded tutorial for Albion Online, changes in mobile versions, changes in registration in the Crystal League, and an important battle balancing.This balance change applies to axes, bows, cursed staffs, hammers, quarters, and armor. In addition to this rebalancing, Patch 5/6 contains a ton of fixes.

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