Patch 5.35 introduces new quests, hairstyles.

The most interesting thing is that the latest Final Fantasy XIV patch was released with a bunch of content, fixes, and items for adventurers looking for adventure. Patch 5.35 introduces new quests, hairstyles, emotions, and a new PvP mode.

The patch notes for version 5.35 are too big to post all of them here, but below are some generalized highlights:

  • New side story quests have been added: save the Queen: blades from Gunnhildr, Skysteel tools
  • The southern Bojan front was added. 72 players instantiated a PvP encounter.
  • PvP adjustments across the Board for multiple classes
  • New housing items were added, such as furniture from the furniture design competition.
  • Added new Minions and mounts
  • New achievements, titles, and the field operations category were added.

In addition to the new content, several issues have been resolved, but a list of the most well-known issues has also been published, so players can easily check out the issues they have or will have.

Patch 5.35 is just the next step in reflections in the crystal patch that recently went live. You can also find out about other content updates and what has been added, starting with Reflections in Crystal, released with patch 5.3.

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