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Pantheon: The Rise of the Fallen has finally described its class of monks in detail.

So, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has finally detailed its class of monks in addition to its extensive range of abilities.

The monk is described as the role of a damage group that uses Stamina and the Chi/Chakra Gate as a combat resource. The monk can use cloth armor and light leather for equipment. The weapons available to the Monk include Combat Fists, Fist Weapons, and Hand Wraps. This is a monk, guys.

And also, the Pantheon team described a bunch of abilities for the Monk, although, despite the rather long list, the marked abilities are not the full set of available abilities. These abilities include Squall, Unification, Ebb and Flow, Iron Palm, Back Flip, Inner Fountain, Secret of the Six Gates (this is passive), Flickering Flame Kata, Resonating Palm, Fake Death, Second Sight, Raging Storm Strike and the Gate of Liberation.


Naturally, in the relevant Pantheon news, a recent letter from the producer discussed team updates, progress in game development and much more until the end of this summer. The letter, in particular, notes,

“As we continue to move forward on the path to Alpha, we are currently focused on developing and integrating the following 3 classes: Monk, Ranger, and Summoner. I’m happy to report that Monk is progressing well – so well that it will actually be at the center of our upcoming development stream this Thursday. In our upcoming development stream, we will demonstrate a class of monks with a deep dive into their role in battle, their arsenal of abilities and their unique combat resource. From Monk, we will move at full speed to Ranger, followed by the development of the Summoner class and the pet system in order to complete the implementation of these classes as quickly as possible in order to transfer them into the hands of our tester before Alpha testing.”

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