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Pantheon: the new PvE MMORPG and bearer of hope

The MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is considered by many fans as the great PvE hope. Now the developers have presented the latest version of the game. A new class and new goals are part of it.

What kind of game is this? The MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen wants to offer a real old-school experience and especially convince fans of Everquest and Co. Other MMOs like Crowfall offer an extensive PvP experience. These games thrive on battles for special points or large mass battles where players fight against each other.

For many players, a game like Pantheon comes in handy, because it promises to appeal to precisely those players who are not keen on PvP or are not interested in competing with others. Here are quests with a lot of story and dungeons on the program and also raids that you can only solve with team play. The classic “Holy Trinity” consisting of damage distributor, tank and healer is also included.

But what about the PvE MMORPG, which has been in development for 7 years now? A lot has happened in the meantime, because the developers presented the latest developments in their August newsletter. August brought Pantheon a new class and many improvements. In the latest newsletter, the developers explain what has happened in the last few weeks.

Some new improvements were added in August:

  • The monk class is fully integrated into the game.
  • The ranged combat system also works
  • The enemy AI is now also finished

In particular, many general systems such as the tools for guilds or the group finder have made great strides. The banking system is also constantly being further developed.

What’s next? Pets are on the agenda for the upcoming update. That should please those of you who like to run through the game world with companions or who like the pet fights from WoW. Also on the developer’s to-do list are destructible world objects, i.e. places where you can mine resources, and the random spawning of world objects. The next big project is the overhaul of the system to improve performance.

The next update should bring major graphical improvements

The revision of the system in the background is supposed to make the graphics significantly prettier in addition to improved performance. Because the MMORPG Pantheon is so far not a beauty and cannot compete with other sizes. But that should change soon, according to the developers.

Once the terrain streaming support is over, we will start the HDRP conversion right away. These first two steps together will dramatically improve the performance of the game and the quality of the game aesthetics, and allow us to turn our Greybox terrain into real terrain. We are of course very excited about it!

What does the upgrade bring? With a growing number of alpha testers and future pets, one would like to continue to offer good game performance. Because once the technical upgrades are complete, “we will be able to easily support the large number of alpha players ready to hit the ground at Terminus.”

In addition to the positive news, the developers also have a few bad things to say. Because with the revision of the system, some content will also shift. Two eagerly awaited classes are shifting, instead there are three others. These classes come later: Due to the technical changes, the two classes “Ranger” and “Summoner” come later. One is a ranged class and the other is probably a mage class. It is not yet known exactly when they will come. However, it was stated in the post that the development of the classes would only be continued after the technical update.

What comes instead? The developments in skills would offer other advantages. Because instead they want to bring Cleric, Paladin and Warrior into the game soon. More information about the classes will follow here soon. We can’t tell you when that will be.

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